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Norman Jayden

July 2010



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Jul. 2nd, 2010

Norman Jayden



Heavy Rain fanarts!

Smile... by ~FigBeater

Blake and Jayden! The lines are in my scraps on Deviantart in case anyone wants to color.


Froslass - Done at Marriland Oekaki.

I love this one XD

ARI Love by ~FigBeater

Norman Jayden as a spokesman for ARI Tech.

Contest Entry:

Bad Weather by ~FigBeater
One of my characters, Maylin.
For the OC-Challenge contest -> Go!

And another Heavy Rain fanart:

BFFL by ~FigBeater

Blake and Perry! Idk...I just really felt like I needed to show people how they feel about each other XD

More Pokemon PLZ:

Ampharos - Done at Marriland Oekaki.


Jun. 26th, 2010

Norman Jayden

Toy Story 3

Heavy Rain Meme by ~FigBeater
This took so long to do XD Jayden and Blake stand off!

WTF Munna by ~FigBeater
I haven't done an oekaki in forever. This is Munna, the new dream-eater pokemon. This is how she should look. What is with the flowers?

The oekaki is use is Marriland Oekaki -> Click!

Ink Rat by ~FigBeater
New Zazzle design!
Shirt -> Click!

I saw Toy Story 3! It was awesome :D The new characters are awesome. The story line is very well done. This one is scary like the first one was, which is good. It has a great ending too. I wouldn't have changed anything.

I also saw Shrek 4. It had a lot of funny parts but the movie seemed very...rushed. Well, I guess that's because he only has a day to do everything. They should have gave him more time. The plot is too cliche. It's the same thing over again, just in a slightly different way. Shrek also seemed out of character. I just don't see him telling Fiona that he wishes he never rescued her. It seems really unlikely after all they've been through together.

Jun. 23rd, 2010

Norman Jayden

The Karate Kid

Heavy Rain is so amazing! I'm addicted to it...I can't stop thinking about it 0.0 I'm working on a Heavy Rain meme for Deviantart.

I got my mood icons fixed.

TBA Time:

Yariguies by ~FigBeater

I did this for practice since I suck at drawing birds. I don't like it but it's not horrible.

Metal Lives On by ~FigBeater

This is a work in progress. I know it's missing something but I don't know what...

Human Shimama by ~FigBeater

Yay! Finally finished this. Shimama: one of the new pokemon :D

I saw The Karate Kid. It was really good. Nice characters/character development. Good direction. Completely not boring like the original.

Jun. 12th, 2010

Norman Jayden

Pokemon Black and White

I finally got around to fixing this cat design. It had some things wrong with it that really bugged me. It's so mush better now :D

TBAs on my bookmarks!


I'm getting Black...I need WiFi...
And my favorite of the starters is Pokabu! I tend to hate fire starters too. I always end up choosing the grass starter. Anyway, Mijumaru sucks. They released new pokemon yesterday and I like Shimama and Meguroko...but Munna...what's with the flowers 0.o And bird pokemon are so boring because they look like a normal bird. Gear...no.

Here's the pokemon that have been released so far: Push!

Because of the new releases, I've done another gijinka:

Human Pokabu by ~FigBeater

Expect another one.

My mood images aren't showing...I'll fix them later.

Jun. 2nd, 2010

Norman Jayden

Sloth !

I got this done a while ago...just haven't posted on here -.-

May Flowers
by ~FigBeater
My entry for the Canine-Artists-Unite 'New Life' contest. The contest just ended, too. I'm waiting for the results :3

I've been working on Threadless designs.
Here's one that I think came out really well -> Click!

Here's another that didn't do so well.
I think it's missing something -> Click!

I did get a TBA!

And I got to $45 in sales :D

New design!

Silly Sloth
by ~FigBeater
Just a random idea I had.

May. 1st, 2010

Norman Jayden

Threadless 1st

Entry for the Species-Directory contest is done!

by ~FigBeater
I think the concept turned out very well :) Original, bat qualities weren't incorporated.

This design is up for scoring on Threadless -> Click!

Octopi Attraction Shirt
by ~FigBeater

This is my first one!

Random Zazzle Design:

I am currently working on my entry for the Canine-Artists-Unite contest. It's going really well. I think the hardest park will be the colors.
The Tee-Addicts contest just ended. I'm waiting for the results. I know I won't win but I can't wait for the next contest :3

Apr. 21st, 2010

Norman Jayden


The Canine-Artists-Unite group on Deviantart has just announced their first contest! -> Click!

I'm going to be entering it of course. I still need to do the Species Directory contest though :/
I've been tired lately.

Anyway, new shirt design:

Also got a TBA:

Kick-Ass was so gross. The storyline was good but it was hard to watch. I was not expecting that but it was realistic. And Hit-Girl was awesome. But still...really disgusting.

Apr. 14th, 2010

Norman Jayden

Need Inspiration

I've gotten my entry for the Tee-Addicts contest done:

Just Scrap Metal
by ~FigBeater
Hmm...I don't know how well I'll do.

I also did a quick drawing of my character, Nukia:

Halftone Happy
by ~FigBeater

I like how it turned out with a halftoning and all.

I just got one contest to work on now, but I have a lot of time to do it.

I need Zazzle design ideas! I feel like I randomly disappeared from that site :( But I did get up to $35.00!

I can't wait for Kick-Ass!

Apr. 9th, 2010

Norman Jayden

Robot <3

I make a lot of designs that I like on Zazzle, but I never make anything that I would wear. But I would wear this:

I love the concept and the way it looks. I love the sci-fi movies with this concept -> I, Robot and A.I.
-I support robot love-

Anyway...There's also a Japanese version that translates to 'I also love'.

Random design:

This is the small version.

This is the vintage version.

Inspired by Riley (the cat I basically take care of now) and Tommy Boy. Every time I think of 'fat guy in a little coat' I think of 'fat cat in a little coat'. Then I think of it being Riley XD

I joined a T-shirt design group on Deviantart! -> Here!

I joined because of the contest they got going on, which is to design a shirt with a robot theme. I was like 'CRAP I JUST MADE A ROBOT DESIGN THAT I LOVE'...but I'm doing it again. I've already made a design for the contest but you can only submit one entry, so I'm making another to see what idea I like better.

I also joining a site called Threadless -> Here!
I don't know much about it yet but it's basically a site where you put up your shirt designs and if people like them, they get printed.


Apr. 6th, 2010

Norman Jayden

How To Train Your Dragon

I saw How To Train Your Dragon last night! The reviews seemed pretty good so I was like 'why not?' I thought this movie was going to be really kiddy and stupid but it's not at all. Actually this movie is really violent and scary so I wouldn't recommend little kids seeing this, especially in 3D where everything is popping out at you.
Anyway, the art and animation is amazing. The dragon designs are really cool. The way they move and everything is really thought out and well done.
The movie is about a boy and a dragon's relationship together. It's portrayed really well. This movie doesn't even need other human characters (besides his dad). But I mean, main characters, like the viking kids.
The ending of the movie or climax is really cool. I love how they animated so many dragons in one place. It looks like a swarm of bees. And the final scene is awesome. I'm not going to say what it is but it's huge. They need more things like that in movies. It makes everything scarier.
I don't know what I'd change for sure. Maybe going into more detail with the different types of dragons? Or maybe they can make a sequel for that? maybe getting rid of the excess kid characters? The dragons are the cool thing about the movie. There's so many types and they all have different abilities like spitting boiling water, setting themselves on fire, etc.
Well, it's a cute movie and it's also violent (they talk about killing things/things actually getting killed in every scene). So the violence is what really made the movie. Without it, it'd be too...Disney.

<3 Toothless

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